June 28, 2009

I had an interesting convo today....

So I have a few funny stories from work this week.
  1. I had a lady comein requesting me to enlarge some Michael Jackson pictures - sure fine whatever- she told me she was having a Michael Jackson Wake at her house.... eerie... but hey whatever swings your boat I guess eh? MJ dies so you party - but what do you think they are partying for? Are they celebrating his life or his death? Personally I would celebrate his life because he has accomplished a lot - Alex thinks otherwise.
  2. I was helping a person out on our ekiosk (where you can upload files to our web site for printing) and this elderly gentleman walks up and taps me on the shoulder. So I turned around and he said 'how long are you going to be' and I said 'a few minutes Im just going to finish with this gentleman' and he said 'thats too long - I need to pick up an order' and I said 'ok I will be over once I've finished with this gentleman.' Anywho I finished up and walked over and helped the grouch and once his transaction had been completed he said 'now you can go talk to your friends and mess around' and I said 'sir that was another customer I was helping with the web submission site' and he said 'whatever, you should screw around on your own time' JERK I think so. Anyways he left and the next guy in the line and the guy i had helped on the kiosk just kind stared blankly and I said to the kiosk guy -' I think he thought we were friends and screwin around' to which he said 'I dont eve know you!' and I said 'I know!.' so we all laughed and later on when the ekiosk guy returned for his order he said 'Hey FRIEND, is it done yet?' ahahahaha Some peoples kids!
  3. I've dealt with a particular gentleman twice now and he always seems to want this certain shade of paper but calls it somehting obnoxious rather than its actual name. Like calling water - CLEAR water for no real reason.... ok bad example. In any case we didnt have any last time and he made me write off a ream of similar coloured paper because he opened it and then decided he didnt want it after printing on it! In any case this time I told him I couldnt remember him. It was 10 minutes to close and I only had one b/w self serve machine on - well first off his machine that he normally uses was off. I ensured him that all the ss copiers against the window were the same and would run the same quality. Well of course the only one I have on had to screw up ever so slightly near the top... well guess who noticed it. Our main obnoxious man of course. So he wants his machine turned on and I said fine but it will take a few minutes to heat up and he went off about how he had been coming here for 8 years and always used the same machine. blahdiblah. So I turned it on and after it finally loaded up and everything he walked over to me and asked me to set it up..... I THOUGHT YOU'D BEEN COMING HERE FOR 8 YEARS! Using the same machine for 8 years and you dont know how to use it? Ya right.
I would keep complaining but what is the point! Id dwell on the bad but then there would be no good!! Gotta get rid of the bad thoughts yup yup - only good ones allowed to dwell in this mind!

Talk soon!

June 27, 2009

Pixie Wiggles!

This up coming week, pixie wiggles the new shop will be opening!
This is going to be my little shop for everything I do that is not etching related.
My main thing, I am hoping, is what I call mopflops but you will have to wait and see for those.
Keep an eye out on http://pixiewiggles.etsy.com for the new shop Grand opening This week!

June 24, 2009

First Etsy Purchase Arrived!!

My first etsy purchase arrive today and I am extremely excited!!!

I bought some Double Bergamont Earl Grey Caramels from La Bella Caramela last Monday and have been waiting for them ever since and finally they arrived on my little doorstep and I was so please with the quality and precision of the packing and just everything.
Everything was exactly as I thought.

It tasted exquisite
The packaging was cute
Everything was thought out

It was awesome.

It turns out that who ever delivered it actually sent it to the wrong house. It wasn't the shipper or the shippee, just the bum who was driving the post truck and decided to give it to a house ten houses down for whatever reason. Im 1342 and it was delivered to 1442.. who knows why. Sodded delivery man thats for sure.

Anyways he kindly walked down and deposited them to my in-laws who then sent them down to me and everything worked out quite well. I am so pleased that I think I may just eat them all tonight and have to re order tomorrow!!

I also made a few more purchases from etsy last night and they should be here soon.
Ill talk about htem when they get here though. Until then =)

Todays... ummm Tuesday/Wednesday

So nothing really exciting happened this past week except for a few more etchings really.

Got a few more in the mini series completed and now I'm moving onto a new project for my Grandmother. One of the dogs she dogs sits on a ongoing occasion had to get put down last week and so she has asked me to do a memorial etching. The dog is a Russian Police Dog that was first created or I suppose bred just after world war two I believe. Here's a tid bit from Wikipedia:

The Black Russian Terrier was developed in the former USSR by the state for use as a military/working dogs. The breeding stock was largely imported from the occupied countries, especially East Germany. Breeds used in the development include the Airedale Terrier, Caucasian Ovcharka, Newfoundland, Giant and Standard Schnauzers and the now extinct Moscow Water Dog. It was bred for working ability, rather than appearance, and early examples only resembled today's Black Russian Terrier in their build and coat type. It was bred solely by the state owned Red Star Kennel until 1957, when some puppies were sold to civilian breeders. These breeders began to breed for looks (as the original was rather plain) while retaining working ability.

In time, the breed spread to the Balkans, Ukraine, and Siberia, and later to Finland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and the United States.

The breed was recognized by the FCI in 1984. On July 1, 2004, it was recognized by the American Kennel Club in the working group.

So never the less I have this project on my hands. I have picked out a nice tile that I feel will be able to handle the etching nicely and have begun sifting through my pictures of the dog to see which one would look best as a stencil. I have already converted most of them to stencil images and right now have widdled the selection down to just a fair few. I can only hope that this turns out the right way because if it doesnt then that isnt too too good is it.

In the end - if it isnt good enough for me - that I wont give it to them.

June 12, 2009

Today, Early in the morning

Still early, still awake... I dont know why but lately I just havent been able to go to bed.
By that I mean no sleeping till 4 in the morning... lame I know

I havent really been doing anything in the day either.

Just sit around, sleep most of the day - I feel lazy but I feel like I deserve it.
First year of college done - wow.. I didnt do too great but I didnt do bad either.

Opened up my etsy shop! Woot Woot. No sale.s. yet.

Will you be the first?
I dont know what else to say.
Havent uploaded to ScrtSolstice in awhile.
But I did film a new video for it.

Uploaded to vlogcountries a day late.

Havent uploaded to either 50bookchallenge or VlogofZOdd in awhile either...
Im slacking these days.... I got premier though so maybe we will see a change in that.

oooh and the deviant arts are doing swell.


And I have a facebook fan page now.. woot.... Im on my way. not really.