October 27, 2010

What's Going On

So I have been having a few issues, to say the least, lately.

There is no harm in trying to stay busy, but the problem is overwhelming myself.
And when I seemed to finally hit a balance... I faltered again.

I had brownies organized, everything with school going steady, work almost every day. I have been trying to keep up on my blogs and vlogs but yet... lost track of my Etsy. I had started this custom order and it seemed like every time I got somewhere with this order something shook. So it has been on going since August, finally had started etching and tragedy strikes.

Thursday night one of my closest friends from Highschool was in a car accident that she was not destined to outlive. Her daughter, almost three years, died instantly and she was put into a coma. After they declared her brain dead they made sure everything was ok for transplant and then they let her go.

Despite my discomfort and sadness I still feel like I have let someone down.
It took all the strength I had to still do the Halloween Party for my brownies, and seeing all those little girls in their costumes just made me break down. Had to excuse myself, take off if you will.

There is no one really here where I am. I mean physically. No one where I live. I have Mr. A Squared but he didn't know her... he hasn't felt the loss of a friend. I feel lost for words, all the things I should have said and didn't. I know you are not suppose to feel that way or think about those things but on days like these I just can't help it.

I just miss her, and I hope she knows how important she was to all of us. A role model for living life to its fullest and never being down.


October 12, 2010

Im not Dead!

I promise that I am still here and kicking around.

just been a long little while with everything.

I am being published in an anthology which is exciting.
Brownies started, I applied for a hefty scholarship, I have more to mail off because email is never acceptable, I need to finish my book, so many things!!!!!

Finish my book... get half way in my book. This is first priority.
I need to challenge myself to write a day a day. Since my book is written in days, and each day has a letter and an entry I think a day a day should be easy enough. Only 6 or so pages each day. =)

Speaking of which I am going to go write.

I just got back from a wonderful traditional Thanksgiving in Edmonton, and while I was there I had the privilege of meeting another upcoming author by the name of Dennis Gilmour. His first novel 'The Unveiling' has just been distributed into stores such as Coles and Chapters and so he was there doing a book signing and I got a chance to talk to him a bit about everything. His book is a sci-fi, which admittedly I do not read at all but I picked it up anyways. I read the back and it seems interesting enough and I got him to sign it! I am looking forward to trying it out.

I had a book idea once that was sci fi but I decided that since I don't read sci-fi it probably would not be that great of a book as I have no experience. Non-fiction and Fantasy on the other hand... let me take a crack at it.

Speaking of which, my novel from last year's Nanowrimo, entitled 'The Aura Seers,' also seems to have hit a bit of a rut. But at 30,000 words I could find a way to wrap it up =) and aim it towards a younger and shorter book audience.

Ok. I am off to bed as my back is starting to bug me.

Best Wishes!