August 05, 2010

Only 1000?

I think I can do 1000
the question is on which account…
I have a few different things going on at the moment and to be honest getting even half this number on any of them would be awesome!

How to get 100 subscribers on YouTube

"Perseverance is your friend!"

How I did it:

  1. Create an account

  2. Upload videos

  3. Browse around

  4. Meet people

  5. Find people to sub to

  6. Make video responses

  7. Take part in a Collab

  8. Et Voila!

Lessons & tips: Video Responses and Comments are your best friends! By taking part you get your name out there and people click on your channel, sometimes that is all it takes.

It took me 2 months.

It made me Stoked