March 29, 2010

Pet Peeves

There are a plethora of things that I cannot seem to stand in the slightest
And these things always tend to happen around each other.

I will have one thing happen and then later... an hour or whatever... another will occur. They come in groups and maneuver around each other.
For instance... I have always been told that old men in hats were found in a number of studies to be the worst drivers in the world. So now it seems that every time I get stuck behind someone who doesn't put on a turn signal it is an old man in a hat.

I dont know why the concept of not turning on a turn signal bothers me but I do know that it pisses me off greatly. Its like "HELLO! Do you know care about the people around you? You just cut me off and then got mad at me for not letting you in? Hmm wonder why perhaps because you couldnt be bothered to signal and I didnt know you wanted in. Its not my bad that you suck at driving."