March 15, 2011

Who deserves to have a sandwich named after them?

William Shatner. And if for some reason it already exists... becaue I wouldn't doubt it then Angela Lansbury!

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March 14, 2011

Rock Lobster!

So I am beginning to think that I should switch my prospective career.

I mean... it's an interesting concept. I love writing, I love everything about reading and being a part of the industry but now I am thinking that in the long run. The run where cheetahs are slow... that is the exactly the run I mean. That I should be an editor. Or at least be a part of the publishing process.


On a completely different note I thought I found a car. Then I found out that I may have jumped the gun. Bah... people over value their cars.
For instance:

I loved my car: 1987 528e BMW
A car like no other that was produced for Europe and a handful made their way over to Northern America. So here it is this late model BMW that is unique, painted in BMW blue, in almost mint condition wit the back end completely redone and what happens.

Stupid Cow illegally turns in front of me and my car folds in half - saving my life in the process - but still it folds. This beautiful car. Totaled.
What does ICBC want to give me for it : 1400. What is it worth if it is in perfect condition: 15,000. The condition my car was in: 8-10,000.


Most girls have a list of things they want a guy to be like. Their expectations or wish list depending on the girl you talk to. My only list is about a car. My new car that I need more than anything at the moment because I am currently marooned on a mountain with the nearest bus stop being an hour and a half walk.

My List for my new car (Be prepared, cause it is as shallow as ever):
  • BMW
  • Not Red or White or Tan, preferably not Green either
  • Preferably dark in colour: Grey or Black
  • Born in the 90s, but will settle for another older model
  • Somewhere in the early 200,000 range preferably but will again settle for 280,00 again
  • Needs to be Automatic, but then again I could get off my ass and learn stick at some point. I am straight after all.
  • Would like a nice set of rims included
  • Would like something a little nicer than a stock system
  • Slight spoiler or kit on it an added bonus
  • Not in an accident
  • Paint in tact
  • Interior preferably a dark colour
Sheesh, the list really does continue. Sad that I am in need of a car but I am so shallow with the idea of everything about it that my want out weighs my need. Typical I suppose for someone my age but after having two really nice and economic cars I feel I deserve something a little nicer this time around. Something with some Boom, a real Rock Lobster.